A big thank you to AHPA Officers, Cluster Representatives and attorney Zaidee Martin.   Everyone worked together to organize and set up a fun and productive event where we were able to sign up new AHPA members, committee members and cluster representatives for the new term.   Members were able to share concerns and get their questions answered while noshing on Jimmy Johns and other snacks.  It was a busy event and a good time was had by all.  The evening ended with a raffle.  Members were able to stay and watch the drawing in person or live via google meet. 

Raffle Winners

  • $250.00 Amazon Gift Card Betty Mortensen
  • $50.00 Acapulco Gift Card Chris Fallstrom
  • $50.00 Acapulco Gift Card Laurie Thompson
  • Silky Throw Blanket Natalie Juell
  • Jewelry Organizer from
  • Thirty One and $20.00 bill Kathy Tatley
  • Handmade Note Cards Kimberly Gustafson

Cluster Representatives

I’m excited to see some new members step forward to sign up as Cluster Representatives and join committees.  We had eleven members sign up for the Bargaining Committee and many more that signed up for other committees.

Here is the current list of our new Cluster Representatives.  I would like to welcome these members who are here to support their cluster, please reach out and thank them either personally or in an email.  They are a resource for you to reach out to when you have questions or concerns.  As you can see from this list, the Andover and Blaine cluster are, as of now, under-represented.  The goal is to have 7 representatives per cluster, Special Ed (4), Health (1), Technology (1), and Elementary/Secondary (1).  You can see where we still have needs, please reach out to me if you are interested in representing your cluster or learning more about what that entails.  You can also share with me names of people who you feel would be a great representative for your cluster and I will reach out to them to see if they would be interested.

The new Cluster Representatives will have their first meeting in the next week or so to hear more about the role they will play in the Anoka Hennepin Paraeducator Association.