Leadership Team

The Executive Board consists of the Officers of the Association, the Database Manager and the five Cluster Leads. They are the governing authority within the Association, working in conjunction with the Cluster Representative Committee and the members. The objectives of the Association include: negotiating the contract, maintaining and upholding the bylaws, implementing a yearly budget and running of the day to day Association business. Every member has the opportunity to run for an open Officer position. Please consider this great opportunity.

Gina Uebel

Jeremy Swanson
Vice President


Nathaniel Olsen

Lia Staples
Database Manager
Technology Para, Morris Bye Elementary

Cluster Lead – Anoka

Bob Borman                                      Cluster Lead – Andover             Bridges (SpEd)

Lori Vorderbruggen
Cluster Lead – Blaine
Elementary Para, Univ. Ave.

Maria Horbal
Cluster Lead – Champlin
SpEd Para, CPHS

Michael Wines 
Ann Schultz 

Cluster Leads – Coon Rapids
SpEd, River Trail LC

Corijran Simms
Cluster Lead – Transportation