There are many committees you can become involved in. If you are interested in helping our Association grow, these are some of the committees you can be a part of. Please contact your cluster representative so that he\she can relay your interests to any of the board members. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cluster Rep Committees

These representatives will establish a unified member base within their cluster area. They will help plan events for their Cluster and encourage new membership.

Election Committee

Facilitates the election of open Officer and Cluster Representative positions.

Grievance Committee

Attend meetings and trainings to learn about our grievance process and be available to assist, if necessary, during a grievance process.

Member Meeting Committee

Plan Member meeting and banquet. Plan food, entertainment, speakers, etc.

Retiree Committee

Plan how to recognize retirees for their years of service. This is usually done as part of our spring member meeting.