About AHPA

The Anoka Hennepin Paraeducator Association is the Labor Union that represents all Paraeducators in the Anoka-Hennepin School District. We represent Paraeducators in all categories across the District, including Bus, Special Education, Health, Technology and many others. We bargain the labor contract that covers Paraeducators wages, benefits and working conditions. We advocate to make our lives, our jobs, our schools and our students’ educational experience better. We are a community of Paraeducators who support each other and are proud of the services we provide.

Strength in Unity.

Sign our membership card, come to meetings, ask questions, stay informed and let your voice be heard. There is strength in unity.

Always Independent

The Anoka Hennepin Paraeducator Association is an Independent, stand-alone labor union. All of our dues go directly to run the Association and represent our members.

Member Focused

By becoming a member of the Anoka Hennepin Paraeducator Association (AHPA), you support reasonable wages, safe working conditions and your fellow co-workers.

Vital Representation

AHPA will provide you with representation for disciplinary issues, ensure that the District complies with the labor agreement and is a resource for your questions or concerns

Our History

Every school district union or association has a history. The Anoka-Hennepin Paraeducator Association is no different.  Learn more about Our History.